PG Card

PG-CardPG Card

Permit both push/pull input and open collector input Offer frequency devision output: Frequency division factor can be selected by dial switch Soft wire connection, can acquire exact speed and rotation of motor from incremental encoder.

Product Description:

- Permit both push/pull and open collector input.

  - Offer the maximum 256 frequency division output by the dial switch.
- Can offer 12V power supply, the maximum current can be 300mA.
- SIN/COS synchronous PG card is just for SIN/COS encoder. Frequency division coefficient is 1. It can’t be varied.
- UVW synchronous PG card is just for UVW encoder.
(1) The poles of motor must be the same with the encoder’s.
(2) Frequency division coefficient : 1-256. It can be switch by dial switch.

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