CHV180 series frequency inverter special for elevator

chv-180CHV180 series frequency inverter special for elevator

Power range: 1.5~2000kW
Input Voltage range: 220V/380V/415V/480V/525V ±15%
Adopts advanced modular design concept
Dual-CPU control platform: 16 bit DSP is responsible for current vector arithmetic while 32
bit ARM is in charge of control function

Static and rotation motor parameter autotune, ensure excellent vector control

Achieve high accuracy close-loop speed control and torque control using PG card to receive
pulse signal from encoder

Torque control: Offer multi-mode torque setting

External LCD panel can monitor three parameters at the same time. Chinese/English
selectable. Parameter copy function make several drives commissioning more convenient

Typical Application: Printing machine, dyeing machine, paper machine, wind and unwind, high accuracy machine tool,
cutting machine, steel rolling, metal wire machine, draw bench, position control, zero speed servo control.

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